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CHAMPIONS are not limited by the status quo. Instead, they think outside the box. They are resourceful and innovative. They push themselves to view challenges from a different perspective and approach opportunities in new and creative ways.


“Starting Block” is an opportunity for you and your team to present your bold, innovative business idea to our panel of judges and convince them to invest in your money-making product.


Do you BELIEVE you have what it takes? It’s time to go beyond the box. It’s time to AWAKEN your entrepreneurial spirit and become a CHAMPION!


The competition will be spread out over the 3 days of Conference during the lunch hour.​


  • Each RVP/RM team will select their group of innovative champions from their CMs & RSSs attending this year’s Leadership Conference. The teams are:

    • Amy M: Mike, Laura, Tina, Layne

    • Amy T: Nana, Christina, Adam, Jocelyn

    • Meg: Kathy, Jen, Jessica, Marsha, Rebecca

    • Britta: Taylor, Candice, Brian

    • Katy: Lorie, Tracy, Kirsten, Brett


  • Each team must have 15 people total & will be divided into 3 groups:

    • A Business Team​

    • A Build Team

    • A Presentation Team

  • Each team will present a new startup product or service to our panel of judges from the stage.

  • The product/service startup expense budget is $500.

  • The product/service must be related to the multifamily business and must include a business plan, cost, return, etc. 

  • Each team’s presentation will be capped at 15 minutes and the team must be prepared to answer questions about the product from our panel.

  • The team that pitches the most innovative, feasible product or service with the greatest verifiable return wins!


The winning team will receive a CASH PRIZE of $5,000 (split among the winning team)!