2021 Leadership Pre-Con Challenge!


We are so excited to welcome you to this year’s 2021 Leadership Conference! To kick-off this year’s conference, we will hold our very own Hawthorne Olympic Opening Ceremony during our first night event! To prepare for this event, each region must work together with their team to create their own country to participate in the Hawthorne Olympics. Each team’s country must including the following:


Country Name

Nation’s Color/Flag (Must have a physical prop)

Song choice for a National Anthem

Nation’s Mission Statement



During our first night event, each country will be given one minute to wear their country’s colors and parade onto the stage to perform one of the following


Mission Statement Speech

National Anthem Performance

Bonus Points – National Dance!


Judges will award points for best costumes, flags/props, performance, and enthusiasm! 


Regional Managers, please submit your country name and national anthem to the form below no later than Monday, August 2nd.